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My family has always had issues with allergies and I found out early in my career that there are certain animals I have no trouble with and some that make me sneeze.

I desperately wanted a cat of my own and eventually found the Ragdoll with their wonderful coats and temperments. Luckily I have no allergy issues with Ragdolls or Poodles.

I am a practicing small animal veterinarian and I have found that I can use my unique combination of veterinary and breeding experience to help other families find a wonderful pet.

My kittens are raised with my 4 children and 4 dogs in a rambling farmhouse west of Chicago.

I breed Ragdoll cats  because I love the breed _ I love their soft coat and their outgoing personalities.. About 99% of the time I love breeding , and it’s so wonderful to see the kittens grow into beautiful, cherished pets.

I’ve been breeding for a long time( over 20 years) and I can honestly say its brought much joy to my life.

I use my unique combination of veterinary and breeding experience to help other breeders whenever possible. In 2015, I gave a continuing education lecture for Ragdoll Congress Judges on the most common disease seen in catteries and how to prevent them though appropriate vaccination and sanitation(below ). I also spoke in 2017 at the Lincoln State Cat Show and  again in 2018.

My kittens have also been featured in 2 books: Eye to Eye with Ragdoll Cats and also a Veterinary Book on Animal Husbandry.


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Books and shows our cats have participated in.

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