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  • Lily is doing great. We love her so much. She adapted very well to our family pets. She’s such a lover. Here are a few pics I would like to share. Thanks again for raising beautiful kittens. Take care.


  • We adopted a rag doll kitten from you 2 years ago. He has been such an entertaining addition to our family! We are interested in adopting another kitten. Please let me know when you expect your next kittens to be available. Thank-you for providing an amazing quality of this breed!


  • Our Ragdoll, Charlie, is now 4 years old and we adore him. Beautiful, funny, affectionate, life of the party, incredibly smart. Thank you Midwest Ragdolls. We are contemplating another kitten and wouldn’t go anywhere else.


  • Our 2 female kitties are 5 months old. They’re soft little bundles of fur, so personable, with all the typical Ragdoll behaviors. We absolutely love them & Midwest Ragdolls!


  • I just wanted to let you know that we absolutely LOVE our Ragdolls! They are undoubtedly the best cats, as well as best friends. Thank you so much for these kind little cuties.


  • We purchased a kitten almost 10 years ago from Jennifer, and it the best cat we’ve ever owned. She is so loving and really loves cuddling.


  • Fantastic experience and WE LOVE OUR NEW KITTY! Highly recommended… Ragdolls are the best! We are so happy.


  • Our kitten is just perfect! Everything this breeder touts about her cats is spot on!! Her temperament is awesome and she is very healthy and happy!!! Our cat is truly more like a dog but with the sweetness of a cat. I cannot wait until I get another one. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a purebred cat.


  • Just letting you know our little love-bug is fitting in really well! She’s doing great with the letterbox. She’s doing well with learning. She’s a total sweetie who gets along well with the the kids, the cat, and even the dog. She’s a sweet little lover. 🙂


  • Two weeks today, and Finnegan has the run of the house and enjoys his big playmate, Dudley! He plays hard and sleeps hard…usually on my lap or nearby. Thanks for giving him such a good beginning.


  • Wanted to update you on our new baby, we named him Eli and he is doing great! He is such a wonderful and beautiful boy. Our male Mainecoon Gunner is a gentle soul and has taking a liking to Eli.Thank you for such a wonderful Kitten!


  • Happy 1st birthday to Moscato! Hard to believe it’s almost been one year since we emailed you to reserve this super adorable blue-mitted girl. She immediately fit her tiny self into our pet family. We just love her and so does her sister Riesling (and her dog sister Sammie too). 
  • Her favorite things to do are play inside boxes, chase her sisters, sleep in the sunshine, Lick my face at 5am each morning…. and the best…. walk around with litter stuck to her behind because she’s so fluffy. Thankfully her personality tolerates me cleaning her. She’s the sweetest. Thank you for breeding such sweet babies. I can assure you she’s very spoiled here.


  • Just wanted to send you a little update on our baby! He is one today and my kids are SO excited to celebrate his birthday. They even picked out a toy at the store:) He is gorgeous. His fur is amazingly soft, his eyes so aqua and he is big! He was 13.4 lbs yesterday and counting! (He loves loves to eat and meows early in the morning for breakfast!) He is so patient with the kids, letting them pick him up (although it’s getting harder for them the bigger he gets!) and pet him all the time. He is ornery! He sneaks on the table when we aren’t looking even though he knows he’s not supposed to. He is an attacker of bare legs and chases us up the stairs but never uses his claws on us. We really adore him and are so thankful!




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