Our Queens and Studs

The primary considerations when selecting our ragdolls is their great health and friendly personalities. Providing you with quality life long companions is our number one priority.

rozy mink

Rosy Seal Mink Female

Health Testing & Other Information:

Rosy seal mink female – 3rd generation old lines-soft plush coat, deep rich color throughout.

Negative for heart and kidney disease  in addition to felv/fiv/fip and all parasites

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Snowball Ragdoll

Health Testing & Other Information:

Snowball blue lynx female-very white silky coat-Negative for HCM and PKD

Tested for felv/fiv and all internal and external parasites.

cutie seal mitted

Cutie Seal Mitted Female

Health Testing& Other Information

Cutie seal mitted female 3rd generation old lines – loves to give hugs and is a great mom

She is negative for heart and kidney disease in additional  to felv/fiv /fip and all parasites

ice ragdoll

Ice Ragdoll

Health Testing & Other Information:

Ice is a blue point male from Canada. Hes 16-17# and has a soft plush coat and clear blue eyes

He is negative for heart and kidney disease. He is also negative for felv/fiv and Fip. His temperament is quiet and loving .

ragdoll price

Lloyd - Michigan stud

Health Testing & Other Information:

Lloyd is a seal point male from Michigan old Ragdoll lines. He is 16# and has very deep blue eyes.

He is negative for heart and kidney disease. He also tested negative for Felv/Fiv and Fip

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