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ragdoll faqs

What is included with my kitten?

All of our kittens get 2 Heska Ultranasal Feline vaccines, a snap felv/fiv test and a fecal exam for parasites. We use the intranasal vaccines because they are safer for the babies and involve no injections. Male kittens are also neutered before they go home. They also have a written guarantee against congenital defects.

How do I reserve my kitten?

I accept a 100$ deposit to hold a kitten. You can specify a boy or a girl and seal or blue. I usually can have your kitten ready in a couple months. I do not have enough cats that I usually have older kittens available. However, I do allow visits of reserved kittens when they are 6 weeks old. I will also send a picture every 3 weeks one they start getting some color. Traditional Ragdolls are born all white and the rare solids and minks are born with color.

Are Ragdolls Hypoallergenic?

Ragdolls are much better than most cats for people with allergies. In general, people with allergies are allergic to a protein in the skin dander of the cat .The cats with the highest amount are the domestic short hair cats and then the long hair and the best are the purebreds. Of the purebreds the very best are the Ragdolls and Siberians. All animals shed however it tends to be less in Ragdolls as their hair is long and silky. We recommend regular combing but not shaving as it takes a long time for the coat to grow back.

What’s your opinion on declawing?

We follow all AVMA policies regarding declawing. If you are in a situation where declawing is recommended such as people on blood thinners, with immune disease, with allergies, on chemotherapy, etc.  Then we can do it humanely before your kitten goes home. While declawing itself is a very debated topic, it is relatively undisputed that kittens declawed earlier heal more quickly than cats declawed later in life.

Why would I get a kitten from a breeder instead of an animal shelter?

Animals have been selectively bred for thousands of years to be better suited to their environment and their role in our society. For example, ancient Egyptians bred cats to be superior mousers to keep their food safe. The same concept applies to modern cat breeds and Ragdolls have been bred to be friendly, social indoor pet cats with a soft, plush coat.  In addition, the health of the parents is carefully controlled as is the environment the kittens are raised in. This is a bit different than rescuing a cute little kitten from your local animal shelter. Every person should make the best decision for themselves and their family.

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