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Why should I get a Ragdoll?

The Ragdoll Cat was developed over 50 years ago by combining the best characteristics of several different breeds including the Burman , Burmese , Persian and solid white DSH. The kittens who displayed the ideal temperament and coat were then bred to form the initial lines of the Ragdolls. Through careful selective breeding we have developed a cat who loves people and has a silky soft non – matting coat. Ragdoll are also one of the breeds recommended for people with allergies . My family and I have been breeding these cats exclusively since 1994 .

Its important that your kitten not only come from lines that are healthy but that they are raised in an environment where they are socialized to adults , children, dogs , other cats and lots of activity. My breeding cats are TICA registered, DNA tested for heart disease +/-ultrasounded by a cardiologist , checked for kidney disease and are negative for felv/fiv and fip. Every kitten also come with a written health guarantee. In other words , we do everything possible to insure you get a perfect furry companion.

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Adopting Your Own Furry Family Member

Adopt your lovely ragdoll cat in less than 10 minutes.

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If you are looking to buy a ragdoll cat, then you have to email: or call: (630) 803-4405

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100 $ deposit

When you send your deposit please specify any color and gender preferences.

To reserve a kitten its a 100$ deposit by PayPal or snail mail and the balance is due when you pick up the kitten. A deposit holds a kitten just for you so it is not refundable. I will provide you with a picture every 3 weeks.


Picked Up & Delivery

You can pick up your ragdoll from my hobby farm in St. Charles Il. Please contact us before booking.

Limited delivery assistance is available upon request.

seal point ragdoll


What our customers say about our service
Seal point kitten

Happy 1st birthday to Moscato! Hard to believe it’s almost been one year since we emailed you to reserve this super adorable blue-mitted girl. She immediately fit her tiny self into our pet family. We just love her and so does her sister Riesling (and her dog sister Sammie too). 

Her favorite things to do are play inside boxes, chase her sisters, sleep in the sunshine, Lick my face at 5am each morning…. and the best…. walk around with litter stuck to her behind because she’s so fluffy. Thankfully her personality tolerates me cleaning her. Ha. 

She’s the sweetest. Thank you for breeding such sweet babies. I can assure you she’s very spoiled here. (Read more reviews)

Why Select Us?

Many reasons to buy a ragdoll cat from "RagdollKittensForYou.Com"
Healthy Cats

We understand how much love you do to your cats that’s why we care a lot to make them healthy for you.


We give a proper vaccination to our all newly born and existing cats to make sure they are protected.

Free Consultation​

If you need help selecting whats right for you such as if you have allergies in the family or a busy house or a quiet house – I can help with that also as I’ve been doing this a very long time.

Easy Bookings​

Our booking system is very simple and easy. You can just adopt a cat by just depositing $100 and pay the outstanding amount on pick up.

Serving Across USA​
Across USA

If you live in Chicago, Midwest, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan or in Indiana (USA). Then you can avail your lovely cat.

Care & Love

Pet care is very important. We love to support, care and guide on time to time. If you need any further consultation. Feel free to email or call us.

                                       Interested in breeding Ragdolls?   

Deposits are required to reserve a kitten. Deposits hold a specific color and gender of kitten and you will be the first to get one of your choice.Deposits are non refundable so please be sure you want a kitten before you send one in.

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Located in the western suburbs of Chicago

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