The Best Cat Breeds for First Time Owners

Most of the people love to have cats as their pets. But before taking one for your home it remains always be a matter of concern due to their nature, looks and much more and especially for the one who is willing to have cats as their pets for the first time. If you haven’t had a cat until now; this article is going to help you a lot in selecting a perfect one for your home. Some of the best breeds for first-time cat owners are:

Maine Coon: Maine Coon is one of the oldest cat breeds native to North America. These cats are very much user-friendly, social, affectionate, and very outgoing cats which love to be your partner on your journeys.

Maine Coon

Siamese: It is another one of the best cat breeds for the first time owners having a very friendly nature. These cats are very smart, fun loving and really curious about killing rats if see any. These cats do not require much grooming and cleaning except occasional coming. It has a very short coat and hence includes less shedding. Don’t forget to trim their nails and keep their teeth clean to make them fit to live along with you.


American Shorthair: It is another one of the best cat breeds for the first time owners. The cat includes more than ninety-five percent of all cats available in the United States and available in more than eighty different colors and patterns. It requires low grooming maintenance and is independent in nature. The American Shorthair cat is also an attention seeker cat that you will love to play and cuddle with.

American Shorthair

Scottish Fold: The Scottish Fold cat breed is a unique breed which includes selective breeding mutation of ears folded inwards which make them feel like an earless cat and also makes their eyes look round and wide. These are one of the most loyal cats to their owners and enjoy playing complex games along with them.

Scottish Fold

Ragdoll: Ragdoll cats are one of the most loved and in demand cat breed which will get melts in your lap. Ragdoll cats are perfect for the first time cat owners having children at their home as it has very friendly demeanor.

Ragdoll cats

Sphynx: Sphynx is a wrinkly and hairless cat breed for all those who just love cats and hates their hairs shedding all around at their home. These cats are very lovable and affectionate and love to sit under the sun’s rays in summers as well.

Sphynx cat

Exotic Shorthair: Exotic Shorthair is another one of the best cat breeds for the first time cat owners having a face like a Persian cat. It is very friendly and affectionate in nature and does not require much grooming. It enjoys grooming as well as playing and interaction with its owner and makes their owners feel to have that exotic touch and one of the best playmates at their home too.

Exotic Shorthair

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