How to Care for Ragdoll Cats?

If you are not familiar with caring for your ragdoll kitten or kind of anticipation you have before getting a ragdoll kitten for your home get set to prepare yourself! There is a lot to understand about this breed and bringing to your home is always exciting. Whenever we care for cats there will always be a special treatment needed for their health and happiness. Especially for the ragdoll kitten, it needs special care and attention to recieve their love .Here are the  essential tips that you should know.


Grooming and Nail Trimming

When compared to other breeds, Ragdolls have long, silky non- matting  fur .  You need groom your cat at least once a week to keep the fur soft and silky. By doing this, the cats fur stays attractive. In addition, regular nail trimming needs  to be taken care of . By handling nails  and feet regularly  , it is easy for you to handle them while caring for your kitten.

Toys to play

A Ragdoll cat’s  favourite activity is having fun with toys. They seek for a lot of entertainment with toys. So, make sure to stock with lots of toys for them to play with in your home. Balls are always extra special to them if we choose one toy in specifically. Once you throw your ball in front of your kitty, it will help you to fetch that ball and bring you back. They also enjoy any other toy that moves or  flutters . Keep them active!


Good  Nutrition

Being aware of their dietis important . You can find several ebooks related to food but moving towards a premiumdry and wet cat food will always be the best and easy to feed. Moreover, finding the right food for your kitty is always vital to his/her good health .

Monitor outdoors

Unlike other cats, the ragdoll breed is so soft in nature and shouldn’t go outdoors. Usually, they aren’t aggressive enough defending themselves even in a perilous situation. Sometime, there will also be a chance of getting hurt. So, before leaving your kitten outdoors, make sure to pour extra care by monitoring them carefully. However, to avoid risk caring your kitty inside a home is always considered to be safest.

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If you are still do not have enough  information, you can consult with the people who have more experience in taking care of ragdoll cats. It will be useful for sure before bringing a kitten into your home.

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