10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Ragdoll Breeds

Ragdoll cats are beautiful cats with blue eyes and silky smooth hair. Most cat lovers love to have ragdoll kitten in their home as they very affectionate in nature. These cats are found normally with breeders and are little bit costly. You need to consider following 10 things before buying a Ragdoll kitten.


A pet like dogs:

Ragdoll kittens are pets just like dogs so if you are looking forward to bring a ragdoll cat to your home take a day at least to make your decision about adding a new member to your household.

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There are various cats which are not child-friendly at all, but ragdoll is one who really loves kids and enjoys their company. These cats have a lot of patience and hence there are very fewer chances for mischief with a kid.

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Ragdoll kittens are very adaptive in nature. They easily adapt themselves to the location where they live. It really doesn’t matter where you live, ragdoll cats remain always keen to please and hence can go pretty well in whichever family you are going to place it.

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The ragdoll cats are extremely affectionate in nature. Your Ragdoll loves to be near to you. It loves to be seated on your lap and seeks attention. It makes its presence very well known and does not get hide when people are over. It can become one of the close friends of yours due to its affectionate nature.



It is one of the serious issues you have to face with every kind of cats. Since it does not have very thick hairs the upkeep is less but they still shed. Just brush the cat more often than you really do in order to reduce the shedding of ragdoll cat to some extent.

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Attention Seeker:

Ragdoll cats are an attention seeker and hence do not like to be alone anytime. As we have mentioned earlier that this breed is very loving and very pleasant in nature and hence wants to remain always nearer to you. It wants to be adored and have company all the times.

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Ragdoll cats are smart cats which can very well adapt to the new surroundings. These cats learn things very quickly and behave very well and follow the instructions very quickly. You need to well train it from the beginning so that you can enjoy the companionship of a very well behaved pet.

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Medium energy level:

These cats are not very energetic or the lazy ones. As adults, they don’t usually do the crazy running everywhere all the time. It loves to have some entertainment and hence you have to keep some interactive toys for it to make it play.

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Health issues:

Ragdoll cats are generally a healthy breed but still have certain health issues as well. This breed most commonly suffers with the bladder stone and heart condition. So if you are willing to have a ragdoll kitten at your home you also need to take it to a vet for regular checkups.

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Perfect looks:

The Ragdoll is one of the most beautiful breeds of cats having perfect appearance. It doesn’t need too much grooming. You only need to have to comb  its coat frequently that’s all which will keep it smooth and free of mats as well.


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