Ragdoll Cat Facts Every Pet Owner Must Know

Ragdoll cats are one of the most amazing cat breeds which include unique characteristics and traits. This mysterious cat can really be prove to be your greatest companion. It is one of the first choices among the cat lovers as it is actually one of the types which really crave owner’s attention. It is a silky hair muscular cat which is most popular for its silky white hairs, muscular body and blue eyes. If you wish to adopt one for your family you first need to  understand and know everything about it.

Origin of Ragdoll

The Ragdoll cat first originated in California. The cat was first bred by Ann Baker during 1960s. The basic idea of creating a silky haired breed with an exceptional temperment. On completion of successful experiments; a very calm and docile temperament creature was developed which is very beautiful in appearance as well. it was them imported into the United Kingdom and then became one of the most popular pet and show cats.

Lap cats

Lap cats - ragdollkittensforyou

Ragdoll cats are lap cats and just go limp when you pick them just like a Ragdoll. These are one of the kinds of cats which need and desire to be held and cuddled .

Largest domestic cat breeds

Largest domestic cat breeds

Ragdoll is one of the largest domestic cat breeds. Its males weigh about 20 pounds whereas the females may weigh about 15 pounds.

Bright blue eyes

Bright blue eyes

Ragdoll cats are well known for their striking blue eyes, but it is not true in all cases. Some of the Ragdoll cats also include blue-green eyes depending upon their pattern. Moreover, the blue color of the eyes also gets deepens as the cat grows older.

Different colors and patterns of fur

Ragdoll cat often comes up with different variations; generally it includes the lighter body in combination with darker face, legs, tail, and ears. These are called traditional points . They can also have mitted feet. Mink Ragdolls are born with more color on their bodies and have plush fur.

Love running water sound

Ragdoll is most often nature lovers. They love to enjoy the natural beauty and especially the sound of running water. It will reach your side if hear sounds of running tap, or shower. They are said to be fearless, impervious to pain, alien hybrids and much more which are not true at all.

Perfect family cat


Ragdoll cats have docile personalities which are fit to be adopted as a pet for families with children. They are very friendly cats which are also sometimes termed as a puppy- cats  due to their behavior of following people all the time.

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