How To Select The Right Cat Food For A Balanced Diet

Pet food companies, especially the larger, well-established ones, spend many dollars each year to ensure the cat food you purchase from them is complete and balanced. There is specific food for kittens, adult cats and older cats which take into account their specific needs.

There are also foods for specific breeds like Royal Canin Ragdoll food. If you feed one of these then you do not need anything extra like added meat or milk. In fact, by adding things to the diet you may unbalance it.

balance diet for ragdoll cats

Do cats drink milk?

Many people believe it is necessary for your catto drink milk. Kittens will indeed drink their mother’s milk until they are weaned, however, it is much different than milk from another species like a cow or a goat. Weaned kittens do not require milk and in fact, milk from another species is likely to give them diarrhea as they do not have the ability to digest it. Please do not give your cat or older kitten milk.

Perfect balanced food to choose

While searching for the food which benefits for your cat, you must be aware of what kind of foods will be suitable and help with your cat’s growth. For instance, you can choose the chicken, corn, dried egg for the best level of protein.

On the other side, fats are essential for healthy food which means soybean oil and fish oil can be used for storing energy. Foods that contain Vitamin C and E help to protect the cells of your cat. So, it is always important for you to follow to find the right and balanced level of food for your cat.

Choose food for kitten and adult

Kitten and adult formulations of cat food are different in their nutrient levels- especially protein and fat. Kittens need more of these nutrients to grow and adult cats need less . Adult cats are less active and also are not growing, except if they grow outwards. Obesity is a large problem in our pet population so it’s important to closely monitor the circumference of your cat.

Purchase healthy foods

You have many options from which you can purchase a good quality cat food- a pet store, online or from a reputable breeder.

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